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    Нарошно придеши на толковище Старейшина

    Доп. информация

    По умолчанию Шок,просто шок!

    Что-то до боли знакомое:

    "Yes, you remember,
    You certainly remember
    The way I listened
    аStanding at the wall
    As you walked to and fro about the chamber
    Reproving me
    With bitter words and all...."

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    Реклама на ресурсе
    Много :)

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    Аватар для Andy Moose
    Доп. информация

    По умолчанию

    и неплохо совсем, а дальше?

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    Борода 61
    Гость Клуба Вольво

    По умолчанию

    Плагиат? Интересненько...

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    Нарошно придеши на толковище Старейшина

    Доп. информация

    По умолчанию

    Цитата Сообщение от Andy Moose
    и неплохо совсем, а дальше?
    А дальше ужас и кошмар:

    "You said
    That it was time weТd parted,
    And that my reckless life,
    For you, was an ordeal,
    And it was time a new life you had started
    Whileа I was fated
    To go rolling downhill.

    My love!
    You didnТt care for me, no doubt.
    You werenТt aware of the fact that I
    Was like a ruined horse, amidst the crowd,
    Spurred by a dashing rider, flashing by.

    You didnТt know
    That I was all a-smoke,
    And in my life, turned wholly upside-down ,
    I was in misery,аа downhearted, broke,
    Because I didnТt seeа which way we were bound.

    When face to face
    We cannot see the face.
    We should step backа for better observation.
    For whenа the ocean boils and wails
    The ship is in a sorry situation.

    The worldа is but a ship!
    But all at once,
    Someone, in search of betterа life and glory,
    Hasа turned it, gracefully,а taking his chance,
    Into the hub of stormа and flurry.

    Well,а which of us
    On board a mighty boat
    Has never brawled nor barfed nor fallen down?
    There are not many of them that will not
    Despair when theyТre about to drown.

    Me,а too,
    To loud hue and cry,
    But knowing well what I was doing
    Went down to the hold whereа I
    Might keep away from scenes of spewing.

    УHoldФ was a Russian pub
    Where I
    Drank,аа listening to the loud bicker,
    аI tried to stop myа worries by
    Just drowning myself in liquor.

    My love!
    I worriedа you, oh my!
    Your tired eyes revealed dejection,
    I didnТt hide from you that I
    Had spent my life in altercation.

    You didnТt know
    That I was all a-smoke,
    And in my life, turned wholly upside-down,
    I was in misery, downhearted, broke,
    Because I didnТt see а
    Which way we were bound.
    Now many years have passed,
    IТm not so young today.
    I do notа feel the same, and Iа have new ideas,
    And here at festive tableа I will say:
    Long live the one whoТs at the steers!

    Today I,
    Seized by tender feelings so,
    Recall yourа wistfulness, and now IТm happyаа
    To tell you straight for you to know
    About what I was
    And what has happened!
    My love,
    IТm glad to tell you that
    I have escaped a descent, anТ
    Today IТm in the Soviet land
    A staunch supporter and defender.
    IТm not the man
    I used to be.
    I wouldnТt hurtа you now
    The way I did.а So silly!
    And I would follow Labour, feeling free,
    As far as аEnglish Channel, really.
    Forgive me please,
    I know that you have changed.
    You live with an intelligent,
    Good husband;
    You donТt need all this fuss and all this pledge,
    And you donТtа need me either, such a hazard.
    Live as you do
    Lead by your lucky star
    Under the tentа of fern, if thereТs any.
    My best regards,
    YouТre always on my mind, you are,
    Yours, faithfully,
    аааааааааа S e r g e yаа Y e s e n i n.

    Translated from the Russian by Alec Vagapov
    P.S. Приведено без редактирования...

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