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    По умолчанию Ready for the race track - - Volvo Cars enters the all-new Volvo S60 in the Belgian T

    Just weeks after the all-new Volvo S60 was introduced to the public, the latest Volvo model is also being unveiled in a racing version. Volvo Cars Belgium will enter the new car in the 2010 season of the Belgian Touring Car Series. Volvo fans will not need to wait long to see the latest model in action since the premiere takes place on April 11.


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    Technical Specification Volvo S60 BTCS

    Regulation: BTCS Silhouette S1
    Chassis: Tubular frame
    Front Suspension: Independent with 3-way adjustable shock absorbers
    Rear Suspension: Independent with 3-way onboard adjustable shock absorbers
    Brakes: 6-piston callipers, 380 mm discs at the front and 6-piston callipers, 355 mm discs at the rear
    Engine: Mid-mounted standardised 3500 cc V6
    Engine Power Output: 410 hp with 412 Nm at 5500rpm
    Gear: Six-speed sequential. Rear-wheel drive
    Wheels: 10" X 18" front and 12" X 18" rear
    Tyres: Michelin 27/65/18 front and Michelin 30/65/18 rear


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